Athlete Bio: Joy Martin

Learn a little about Joy, a First Rate Athlete and lover of Crossfit...

Athlete Stats

  • Age: 32
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 140
  • Deadlift: 300
  • Snatch: 130
  • Back-squat: 230
  • Front-squat: 185
  • Clean: 170
  • Clean & Jerk: 155

I've always been an athletic and competitive person and a little over 2 years ago I was introduced to CrossFit and instantly became addicted. CrossFit made me realize that I wasn't as in shape as I thought. It pushed me beyond my limits and I've accomplished things I never thought possible in my 30's. I've also come to realize that my diet was not as clean as it should be. That's where RX Nutrition came in.

I've always been an athletic and competitive person...

I've tried almost every Paleo type meal delivery out there and most either left me still hungry, did not taste good, or was too expensive. I love the fact that RX nutrition meals are personalized based on my body fat, my training intensity and my goals! I don't cook at all because of my crazy schedule, but I still want to eat clean without breaking the bank and with Rx Nutrition I'm able to do that!